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Advancing educational achievement with dual enrollment

The Madera Community College Dual Enrollment Program has formed partnerships with local K-12 districts that enables qualified high school students to fulfill high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning college credits by taking college classes at their high school. High school students can earn both high school credit and college credit for a single college class. This partnership not only provides students with an opportunity to get a head start on their college education and be exposed to more rigorous college coursework, but it also saves time and money because dual enrollment classes are tuition-free!

Note: Not all high schools offer the opportunity for students to take Dual Enrollment classes. Students must first check with their high school counselor to determine if a Dual Enrollment class is offered at their campus.



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Dual Enrollment Students

At Madera Community College we are dedicated to helping our local feeder high schools’ students prepare for and achieve college and career readiness through dual enrollment opportunities. Research indicates that dual enrollment programs can be beneficial for students who might not have otherwise considered themselves as candidates for higher education. Continue reviewing the information below to understand some of the benefits of dual enrollment and what needs to be considered when deciding to take a dual enrollment class.

Dual enrollment provides students the unique opportunity to take college classes while still in high school. The classes are taken with their high school classmates and are taught by their high school teachers who meet Madera Community College’s instructor qualifications. Some benefits of the program are:

  • College Classes on High School Campus – Dual enrollment classes are offered on the students’ high school campus during their regular school day. Students do not have to worry about coming to Madera Community College to take the class or take the class after school. 
  • Save Time on Your College EducationDual enrollment allows students to take one class and receive high school and college credit instead of having to take two separate classes. When students graduate from high school, they could have accumulated enough credits to attain an associate’s degree shortly before or after their graduation. Thus, saving substantial time and money in graduating from college! 
  • Free Classes and Textbooks – Dual enrollment students do not have to pay the $46 per unit tuition fee and textbooks are provided by the high school free of charge.
  • Preparation for College – Participation in dual enrollment can help ease the transition from high school to college by giving students a sense of what college academics are like.
  • Classes are Transferable – Most of our classes will transfer to 4-year universities, including CSU, UC, and private universities.

Dual enrollment provides an opportunity for students to take challenging classes and accelerate educational opportunities. However, there are some possible disadvantages that all students must consider when enrolling in a dual enrollment class. Possible disadvantages are:

  • The amount of work necessary to succeed in college level classes may be much greater than in high school classes.
  • Dual enrollment classes become a part of a student's permanent college transcript and could impact eligibility for financial aid and admission to other postsecondary institutions in the future.
  • Most dual enrollment classes count towards general education college credits and graduation requirements for high school. If a student fails one of these classes, it will negatively affect their high school and college GPA and transcripts.
  • If a student needs additional support to complete regular general education high school classes, adding the additional strain of the college class may not be the best choice. Students need to consider future plans when deciding if dual enrollment is right for their situation.

Participating in a Dual Enrollment class is an important decision and should involve a conversation between students, parents/guardians, and a high school counselor.

Dual Enrollment Partnerships

Madera Community College currently has Dual Enrollment agreements in place with the following High Schools and Districts:

Chawanakee Unified School District

  • Minarets High School

Golden Valley Unified School District

  • Liberty High School

Madera Unified School District

  • Madera High School
  • Madera South High School
  • Matilda Torres High School

Yosemite Unified School District

  • Yosemite High School

Students should check with their high school's counselors to see what classes are available at their high school.

How to Apply

Attend an informational meeting with your high school counselor to go over the Dual Enrollment Program requirements. The application timeline is as follows:

  • For classes that begin in the spring semester (January-May), the online dual enrollment application will open on October 1.
  • For classes that begin in the fall semester (August-December), the online dual enrollment application will open on April 1.

All first-time dual enrollment students must apply online at CCCApply. Any previously dual enrolled student who has skipped a Spring or Fall semester must apply online again at CCCApply. The application typically takes between 20-60 minutes to complete, and it can take between 48-72 hours for a college ID number to be generated. The students’ college ID number is required for the registration form.

Apply Here!

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying 

Application Instructions (Accessible)

Dual enrollment registration forms can be obtained from the high school counselor and one is required for all dual enrollment students who wish to take a dual enrollment class. This form will require the student’s college ID number and signatures from a high school principal or counselor, the student, and a parent/guardian. If the high school student will be 18 before the start of the semester, a parent/guardian signature is not required on the form.

The completed registration form should then be returned to the high school counselor who will review it for accuracy. Once it has been reviewed, the high school counselor will then forward it to the MCC Dual Enrollment counselor who will review the student’s record and registration form for any discrepancies. Incomplete or inaccurate registration forms will be returned to the high school counselor, and they will not be processed until the errors are corrected and the from is returned to the MCC Dual Enrollment counselor. Once the registration form is determined to be complete and accurate, the MCC Dual Enrollment counselor will forward it to MCC Admissions and Records for registration into the class. The process of enrolling students can take a week if the packet is complete.

Dual Enrollment Student Resources

Once you have been successfully registered into your class, you are considered a Madera Community College student. As such, you can access and use all the college’s student services just like any other college student. We have listed a variety of student support services and resources below that we believe can aid you in successfully completing your college class(es).

Receive help with a variety of subjects, in-person or online, through our Learning Center. Students can schedule an appointment to meet with a tutor, drop-in for tutoring during their drop-in hours, submit a paper online or drop-it off in-person to receive written feedback, and more! Students can visit the webpages below for more information.

Learning Center webpage

Reading and Writing Tutoring webpage

Embedded/ETC Tutoring webpage

Drop-in Tutoring webpage

Review Online Tutoring Process

The best way to access your college email, Canvas, and Self-Service is through My Portal. My Portal can be accessed through the My Portal icon located in the top right corner of Madera Community College’s website. Students accessing My Portal for the first time can use the following instructions:

Username: Your seven-digit SCCCD ID number is your username.

Initial Password: First name initial (upper case) + last name initial (lowercase) + date of birth (mmddyy).

Example: Maddie Mascot born on August 6, 2004, password would be Mm080604.

If you have any issues logging in to My Portal, contact our Student Systems Support Call Center at 559.499.6072.

Do you need help with doing some research for an upcoming assignment? Visit the Madera Community College library and you can get some help from a librarian. In addition to getting help with your research, you can also access the library’s research databases, chat with a librarian 24/7, checkout a graphing calculator, laptop, or hotspot, and more! Visit the Library’s webpage for more information.

Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S) is designed to provide specialized services and accommodations that assist students with documented disabilities to reach their maximum potential while achieving their educational goals. The biggest difference between DSP&S services at the college level compared to at a high school is that the student must initiate the process at Madera Community College to determine if the student can receive any accommodations. Some accommodations that a student can receive include, but are not limited to:

  • Note taking assistance
  • Testing accommodations
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Alternate media production
  • Adaptive computer equipment and software
  • And more!

For more information regarding DSP&S services you can visit the DSP&S webpage or contact the office by phone at (559) 675-4864.

The Lion’s Den Food pantry is a free food assistance program for all students currently enrolled at Madera Community College. You can stop by anytime to just pick up a snack or grab a variety of food items to take home. Fresh fruits, vegetables, canned and boxed food, personal care items, and more are available on a first-come, first-served basis and while supplies last. In addition, the food panty staff can assist with filling out Cal Fresh applications. Visit the Lion’s Den Food Pantry webpage for more information.

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