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The Madera College/Oakhurst Center Associated Student Government is to be the official voice for the students at Madera College/Oakhurst Center and to ensure that the students are represented in all matters of the participatory governance. Through lobbying, advocacy, and student representation, the Association ensures a supportive educational environment while promoting unity and cooperation with students, faculty, staff, classified staff, and administration. It is the intent of the Association to promote campus life, student involvement, engagement, empowerment and encourage students by providing extracurricular activities that enhance the academic, social, and cultural wellbeing of the campus and its students.

We believe it is our purpose to serve, inform and empower our fellow students at the Madera and Oakhurst College Centers.

Any student who is enrolled in at least 3 units at the Madera or Oakhurst Center is eligible to join.

ASG Constitution and Bylaws 2023-2024



  • Priority Registration (*If all other requirements met)
  • Leadership Experience
  • Lead student projects
  • Solve student issues
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Participate in Shared Governance


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Have questions? Please contact the
ASG Advisor: John Yang 
Faculty Advisor: William Mask


Phone: 559-675-4809
Location: Student Center, R7A

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ASG Executive Board Members


vanessa barraza

Vanessa Barraza

Welcome to Madera Community College. I would like to introduce myself not only as the ASG President but as a mother, wife and student. I am pursuing an Associate’s degree in Biological science, My goal is to become a Registered Nurse. I've always had a passion for helping others, that is why I decided to become involved on campus. I love being able to advocate for my peers and to ensure that their college experience is as wonderful as mine has been. Since joining ASG last year I've seen major growth in myself. I've learned to communicate better, problem solve, and how to be a leader. I am always here if you need someone to advocate for you.




Ricardo Reyes
Vice President

Thank you for attending Madera Community College. In addition to being the Vice President for ASG I aim to become a Civil Engineer. I came back to school to complete what I began in order to earn a Mathematics Degree. I have two young children and I am a single parent. I have always been passionate about helping people, which is why I chose to get engaged in college. I enjoy speaking up for my friends and ensuring that their college experiences are just as fantastic as mine. I've experienced significant personal improvement since joining ASG. I've gained new skills in leadership, problem-solving, and communication. If you ever need someone to fight for you, I'm always here.




Alexia Mendoza
Inter-Club Council Representative

Hello fellow Mountain Lion! My name is Alexia Mendoza your ICC REP here at Madera Community College. Apart from being your ICC REP I am also a big sister and a proud first-generation college student with the hopes of pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice Field. My interest in the Criminal Justice field comes from my ambition to help others and to put myself out there. I joined ASG as a way to be more involved on campus and during my time in ASG I achieved just that and more! I also learned that a huge way to be more involved is through common interests. What better way to share these common interests than being a part of a club! Clubs on campus can promote more student interactions and even spark friendships. If you have an idea for a club or would like someone to advocate for you, feel free to reach out!


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