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Madera Community College Center President Search

Oct 2, 2018

This Campus President is a new position for the center. The chancellor and board of trustees of State Center Community College District (SCCCD) are seeking a campus president for the Madera Community College Center/Oakhurst Community College Center. The new campus president will provide unifying and participatory leadership to a dynamic, complex, diverse campus. The campus president will build upon the campus' strong legacy of achievement and leadership in the community.

The campus president will be a creative, dynamic, and collaborative leader who is committed to advancing student access, equity, and success for our diverse student body and will lead the campus in the development and implementation of new programs that address the unique workforce needs of the community. The campus president will build strong partnerships with community businesses, organizations and educational institutions.

The Madera Community College Center will apply for candidacy in January 2019, with anticipation of becoming the 4th college in the State Center Community College District. The campus president will report directly to the president of Reedley College and indirectly to the chancellor of SCCCD. Upon achieving initial accreditation status, the center will become known as Madera Community College and the position will change to college president, reporting directly to the chancellor.  It is anticipated that initial accreditation will be granted in Fall 2020.

The Madera Community College Center is known for its pioneering spirit and positive climate. The staff and leadership have created a center that is innovative, responsive, collegial and focused on student success. The chancellor and board of trustees are seeking a leader who can facilitate and nurture this climate, even as the campus grows and changes.

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