Measles Outbreak Memo

May 14, 2019

To: Students, Faculty and Staff 

Subject: Measles Prevention 

You may be aware there has been a marked increase in cases of measles in California and elsewhere in the nation. At the time this email message is distributed (insert date/time), there have been no confirmed cases of measles in Fresno County. College officials are in regular contact with the Fresno County Department of Public Health, the agency that would notify college officials immediately in the event of a measles outbreak in the county impacting the campus.  

We strongly encourage all State Center Community College District students, faculty, and staff to check with their health-care providers to ensure they are properly immunized against measles for the safety and well-being of our campus community.  College-age students who do not have evidence of immunity need two doses of the measles (MMR) vaccine, separated by at least 28 days.  Adults who do not have evidence of immunity should receive at least one dose of the MMR vaccine. 

Measles is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus, and it is transmitted by the airborne spread of respiratory droplets – often through coughing, sneezing or speaking.  If you become ill and suspect that you may have measles, please do not come to campus.  Seek medical assistance immediately.  Call your medical provider immediately and let them know that you suspect you have measles, so that they are prepared when you arrive for your appointment.  If you go to urgent care or the emergency room, please notify them in advance as well.  Stay home unless you are going to your medical appointment.   

Measles Symptoms 

Measles symptoms usually begin 10-12 days (up to 21 days) after exposure, including:  

  • A high fever, over 101°F, which precedes a rash and persists after.  
  • White spots may appear in the mouth in the early stages.  
  • Cough 
  • Runny nose 
  • Red, watery eyes 
  • Rash that starts on the face or hairline and spreads downward toward neck, trunk, arms, legs and feet.  
  • The disease is often described by patients as leaving them “feeling miserable,” and children seem to suffer most.  
  • Some people who have been previously vaccinated for measles can be infected if their vaccine is no longer providing immunity.  The rash would be less intense and not spread to the entire body.  The symptoms are also milder.  

Measles Transmission 

Measles patients are typically contagious from 4 days before and 4 days after the rash onset.  Measles can spread from person-to-person through coughing and sneezing.  Measles virus can live in the air for two hours or more after an infected person coughs or sneezes.  People can then become infected by breathing in the contaminated air.  Measles is extremely contagious.  Up to 90% of people who are not immune will become infected after having contact with an infected person.  Because of the infectious nature of this disease, please contact your healthcare provider by phone – immediately – if you or someone you know has been exposed or has measles.  Do not enter any healthcare or other public facility unless instructed to do so by a medical professional.   

If you are interested in additional information, please visit the following websites: 

We appreciate your willingness to stay informed about this serious illness and take any necessary precautions. Please contact your health-care provider (faculty and staff) or campus Health Services (students) if you have any additional questions. 

Campus Contacts: 

Fresno City College – Lilly Goishi-Bessey 

Reedley College – Kelly Murguia 

Clovis Community College – Naomi Forey 

Madera Community College Center – Shelley Renberg 

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