Online Tutoring Process

Much of our tutoring in the Spring 2022 semester will take place online.To access online tutoring and resources, students must self-enroll for Madera/Oakhurst Online Tutoring in Canvas.

You may also receive an invitation to your SCCCD district e-mail ( and/or it may be sent to you directly by an instructor.

  1. Join the course by clicking (+Enroll).
  2. On Canvas, you should see a new course titled “Madera/Oakhurst Online Tutoring” on your Dashboard. It should also be listed when you select Courses.
  3. Go to the menu item labeled Home.

You have three (3) choices for online tutoring:

  1. ETC Tutoring – students can find tutor schedules for a number of MCC courses, ranging from ASL and biology to history and political science
  2. Reading and Writing Center Tutoring – students can “drop off” their drafts to receive personalized written feedback from a writing tutor, or view the RWC schedule to set up one-on-one appointments on campus or via Zoom
  3. STEM Center Tutoring – students can view the STEM schedule to see when tutors are available in room R4A and/or online for drop-in help on a number of math and science-focused courses

Learning Center Tutoring

  • From the main Madera/Oakhurt Online Tutoring landing page, click on the red banner labeled “Learning Center (ETC)
  • You will see a number of colored icons labeled with a course name and the corresponding tutor for that class. Find the ones you want and click on them.
  • Each icon is linked to a flyer which lists the dates and times of ETC sessions which will happen in person and/or online via Zoom.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please
contact for more information.

Reading and Writing Center Online Tutoring

  • From the Madera/Oakhurst Online Tutoring landing page, click on the teal banner labeled Reading and Writing Center
  • You will see a number of colored icons. The ones at the top correspond to the RWC’s three services this fall:
    • To “drop off” your draft and get written feedback from a tutor, click on the red icon labeled “REQUEST WRITTEN FEEDBACK”
    • To work with a RWC tutor in person or on Zoom, click on the black icon labeled “RWC SCHEDULE” and then visit room R1A or call (559) 675-4846 to make an appointment

 Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact for more information.

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