Reading and Writing Tutoring


Spring 2023 Semester (1/9 to 5/19):

Monday-Thursday – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday – 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Click here to self-enroll for our free Madera/Oakhurst Tutoring page on Canvas.

Having trouble getting started with a writing assignment? Can’t make sense of an essay you’ve been asked to read? Not sure what else to write about in your draft, or if it is even saying what you want it to say? Need help making sure your MLA or APA citations are in place? Do the “write” thing and work with a Reading and Writing tutor in room R1B, where we can offer feedback on writing from any course at any point in your process.

How does Reading and Writing tutoring work?

We have three different services: 50-minute in-person appointments in room R1B, 50-minute appointments on Zoom, and an online “paper drop-off” service for written feedback on our Canvas page. In-person and Zoom RWC appointments can be made by visiting room R1B or by calling (559) 675-4846.

Student writers can walk in at any time and see if a tutor is available, but we encourage you to make one or more appointments when you know you’d like to work with someone. If you work with a Reading and Writing tutor, you can print up to ten (10) pages for free, too.

To access the “paper drop-off” service and request written feedback from a tutor, students must first self-enroll at this link for the Madera/Oakhurst Tutoring page on Canvas, then answer a few questions about their writing and upload a draft at this link.


With what kind of writing do you help?

Much of the work that student writers bring to us comes from MCC's English courses, but we help with writing from any class that has it. Whether students have a draft from a history course about the Civil War, an article review from a nursing or biology course, or a PowerPoint presentation from an art course, we can read and respond to whatever writers are working on.


How many appointments can I make?

You can make two 50-minute appointments per week, and we can schedule you to work with a tutor up to two weeks in advance. Whether it’s in person or online, we encourage student writers to be proactive about it. If you know you have more than one big question you want answered, make time for more than one appointment!


Can I schedule an appointment as part of a group?

Yes, but keep in mind that you must obtain permission from your instructor in order to do so. We can have multiple tutors help multiple student writers if the need arises or schedule multiple appointments so each writer in the group can get the attention they deserve.


Do I actually need a full draft to get help with my writing?

No! If you want to get started on a writing prompt but aren’t sure what to do, you can bring it in, create a plan, and generate ideas with a tutor. Student writers can bring partial drafts for feedback, as well.


Can I get my draft proofread?

Yes and no. While we are happy to help students address questions about grammar, Reading and Writing tutors strive to give students the power to make their own corrections. This means that both tutor and writer will examine texts together for patterns of error, but writers must be prepared to read their own drafts closely to self-correct those patterns.


Help! My draft is due in an hour, can I still work with a tutor?

You can, but remember that reading and responding to writing takes time! We'll always try to do what we can, but we always encourage student writers to make an appointment (or multiple appointments) as soon as they realize that they'll need some help.


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