Madera (Community) College ISS


  • Three years of past data were used, calculating a baseline (lowest) and average.
  • Calculation for “count” related data (Unduplicated Headcount, ‘Feeder District’ Enrollment, Student Fulltime, FTES, and Enrollment seats etc.) were determined by a forecast calculation.
  • The remainder of the metrics were calculated using a standard deviation or 1 percentage point. Based on discussion.

Overall the team determined that a conservative, informed approach for one-year goals and aspirational growth for the 5-year goals.

Community Context:

It is imperative to include qualitative information alongside our quantitative findings.  For example, Madera County is currently growing in population, a positive trend.  A by-product of the growth is the building of a third high school within our largest feeder, Madera Unified. Therefore, when reviewing feeder school and enrollment data, including the consideration of the opening of Matilda Torres High School (Fall 2020) was part of the discussion.

In addition to external considerations and community trends, internally the LVN-RN is submitting approval to grow the program, to their respective accrediting body.  If successful, doubling the size and potential graduates of the current CTE program.

Institution Set Standards

Assessing Institution Set Standards:

Beginning Summer 2020 and Summer/Fall thereafter, the Research & Planning office will pull all metrics and academic year results in preparation for presentation on Opening Day.

Triggers: Findings will be detailed numerically as well as in the following manner for each metric:

  • Did not meet academic year goal
  • Met academic year goal
  • Exceeded academic year goal

Monitoring: Thereafter, Madera (Community) College Council will be charged with identifying metrics that did not meet academic year goal and discuss relevant actions steps to meet and/or exceed the metric for the following academic year.  

Integrated Planning & Resource Allocation Institution Set Standards align with Integrated Planning and Resource Allocation procedures, as they are detailed under “Evaluation and Improvement”. Moreover, the ISS are framed along the Guided Pathway, therefore work related to Guided Pathway integration will speak to and support ISS and in turn also support Guided Pathway work.    

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