Update to All RC/MCCC/OCCC Students Regarding Spring 2020 Grading Options

Apr 27, 2020

The District and Reedley College (including Madera Community College Center, Oakhurst Community College Center, and Reedley College) have been working to minimize the disruptions to students caused by COVID 19 and the transition to online instruction and services.  One area we know might be impacted is grades.  To give you the best opportunity for success and to minimize the impact of unsuccessful course attempts, the District and Reedley College (MOR) have extended the opportunity to take advantage of Excused Withdrawal (EW) and Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading options. 

The extended deadlines for these grading options are very near the end of the semester to give you time to work toward successful completion of your courses.  Students should meet with a counselor before making any decisions about grading options.

Excused Withdrawal (EW)

The District has extended the opportunity for students to choose the EW grading option until May 15th.  If you do not know your grades by the deadline, there will also be an opportunity to apply for an EW after the end of the semester.  Students who opt for an EW are eligible to have their enrollment fees applied to the next semester.  An EW does not count against a student’s GPA or as an attempt as it relates to financial aid.  An EW may not be appropriate for some students, though, and you should consult with a counselor before choosing this option. We urge all students to work toward successfully completing their classes this semester if at all possible.  

Pass / No Pass Grading Option (P/NP)

In this option, grades of A, B, or C are assigned a Pass (P); grades of D or F are assigned a No Pass (NP).  A Pass / No Pass grading option is not calculated in a student’s GPA. 

The District and the College have extended the opportunity to choose the Pass/ No Pass Grading option in many courses; the deadline is May 8th.   California State Universities (like Fresno State) have agreed to accept P/NP grading earned at community colleges for many classes this semester, even those within a student’s major.  However, students should be very cautious because the Pass/No Pass option could negatively impact their ability to earn certifications or continue in certain programs.   Selection of the Pass/No Pass grading option may also have financial aid impacts.  Please consult with a counselor before changing to the Pass/No Pass grading option.

Counselor Appointments Strongly Recommended

We strongly recommend that students discuss their options with a counselor.  There may be unanticipated impacts on transfer, athletic eligibility, financial aid, and more that are dependent upon your individual situation.  Only an in-depth conversation with a qualified academic counselor will result in the best choice for your specific needs.

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