How do we respond to current national events?

Jan 14, 2021

As I reflect on last week’s insurrection at the capitol and the upcoming presidential inauguration on January 20, I am struck by the opportunity we have at Madera Community College to set an example for our community and our nation.

Some of the characteristics that define us (faculty, staff and students) are a wonderful model for what is needed at this moment in time.

We believe in constructive dialogue. We know our words matter. We understand that when we listen only to build our next argument, we miss the opportunity to really know and understand another’s story – a story that could shape our own perspectives in new and meaningful ways.

We are resilient. Many of us have experienced setbacks and hardship – perhaps even trauma. We have grown and adapted. We have found meaning along the way. The pandemic has further challenged our resiliency, but we continue to navigate and support one another through these difficult times. Our nation needs us to be resilient.

We believe in the power of community. Students, faculty and staff know that we are better together. We are strengthened by our diversity of ideas, talents and gifts.

Over the coming days, I encourage us all to lean into conversations that challenge and shape us in new ways, much like we have done with our One Book, One College dialogue. I challenge us to be a community that models unity, civility and openness. This is what our country needs more than ever.

Please know I continue to be grateful for each of you as we navigate these extra-ordinary times.

In Love and Unity,

Ángel Reyna, Ed.D.

Madera Community College #116
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