Probation Workshops

online probation workshopThe State Center Community College District's counselors have developed an Online Probation Workshop intended to help you understand the probation process and identify resources to achieve academic success. The Online Probation Workshop is intended for students on Level 1 probation: academic or progress.

The SCCCD Online Probation Workshop is a self-enrolled course in CANVAS and includes modules covering:

  1. What is Probation?
  2. How did I end up on Probation?
  3. What’s GPA got to do with it?
  4. What services exist to help me?
  5. What can I do to help myself?

This is a State Center Community College District workshop designed to be completed at your own pace. Although the workshop mirrors a course, you are not dropped, there is no late work, and all progress will be saved as you progress. Completion of the Online Probation Workshop is required to gain temporary ability to add or drop classes on your own until you earn a "good" academic standing.

The Online Probation Workshop will be used to clear probation holds for Level 1 probation students at all colleges. Once you complete the workshop, processing will take 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday, which will result in your ability to register (add/drop) on your own. If you are unable to register after 48 hours, please make sure you completed the Online Probation Workshop and/or contact your college's Counseling Services.
If you are on Probation Level 2 or Dismissal, this workshop will provide you with useful information, but will not typically clear your hold. Please visit the college website you plan on attending, to see their policy/process for Probation Level 2 or Dismissal registration holds. If you are unsure of your probation status, you can check your academic standing on WebAdvisor.

If there are issues with the Online Probation Workshop, please contact your college’s (i.e., Fresno City, Reedley, Clovis, Madera) counseling services. Once the Online Probation Workshop is completed, you will be able to leave feedback prior to leaving the workshop.

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