Next Up

Cooperating Agencies for Foster Youth Educational Support (CAFYES) program

NextUp, is a component of the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS).  It offers a case-management approach to providing expanded support services to eligible current and former foster youth who are students within California's community college system. 

NextUp Eligibility Qualifications

  • CA Resident
  • Verified foster care placement on or after 13th birthday*
  • Less than 26 years old at the start of the academic year (Fall + Spring) or previously enrolled in NextUp
  • Enrolled in at least 1 class at Madera Community College (any unit amount)
  • Have a Financial Aid file connected to Madera Community College

Click Here to Apply for EOPS/NextUp

*Foster Youth dependency was established or continued by the court on or after your 13th birthday. In order to determine this, we will need your foster youth verification letter. Contact your local ombudsperson office at 1-877-846-1602 or email them at to access your verification letter.  


NextUp Services 

  • Academic Counseling, Education Planning, and Support
  • Priority Registration
  • Book & Supply Grants
  • Meal Assistance and Emergency Food Support
  • Vehicle Maintenance Grants
  • Help with Financial Aid Applications and Appeals
  • Child Care Assistance


  • Educational Supply Grants
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Referrals for on-campus and off-campus resources
  • Health and Mental Health Payments Assistance
  • Specialized Workshops
  • Career Guidance
  • College Transfer Assistance

Contact Us

Counselor: Crystal Marmolejo
Office Location: R2A (portables near the Lion’s Den)
Phone: 559-675-4142

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