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Student Responsibilities

In order to remain eligible for EOPS services, students must honor the signed when they were admitted into the program. EOPS students must satisfy the following requirements during each semester:

  • Meet with an EOPS counselor a minimum of three (3) times a semester
    • The three (3) counseling appointments must be scheduled at least twenty-one (21) days apart to fulfill this requirement (one (1) appointment can be fulfilled with an EOPS Educational Advisor)
    • Develop and update a Student Education Plan (SEP) with an EOPS counselor. (Completed during a student's first counseling appointment.)
  • Enroll in and successfully complete a minimum of 12 units every semester
  • Maintain a term GPA of 2.0 or higher

At the end of each semester the EOPS staff evaluates each student's academic progress. After reviewing each student file separately, a decision is made on which students will remain in the program and which students may be exited. This decision is ultimately made by the EOPS Director.

Note: Failure to meet any Mutual Responsibility Contract requirements may result in a reduction of EOPS textbook services.

Program Eligibility Limitations
An EOPS student may continue to participate in the program until one of the following occurs:

  • Completes seventy (70) degree applicable units and/or completes six (6) consecutive semester terms in the program. (EOPS director may waive this limitation for high unit majors.)
  • Fails to meet the Mutual Responsibility Contract requirements.

A student who is exited from the program may re-apply to the program after completing one semester as a non-EOPS student (summer does not count). However, the student must still meet all of the programs eligibility criteria at the time they reapply.

Other Student Responsibilities

  • All EOPS students must participate in all required program activities. Students will be informed of their required activities via their college email and need to check it regularly.
  • First-year EOPS program students are required to attend one Aiming 4 Success workshop each semester. This required workshop will be chosen by the EOPS Director and students will be notified via their college email.
  • All EOPS students must attend counseling and workshop appointments outside of class time.
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