CSU Transfer Success Pathway (TSP) Program

Transfer Success Pathway (TSP) is a program that provides a dual admission opportunity for eligible first-time, first-year students enrolling in California Community Colleges who commit to transferring to a California State University (CSU) within three years.

  • Enter into an agreement with a CSU and receive guaranteed admission to the degree program and campus of your choice (if all requirements are met).
  • Map out your coursework using the Transfer Planner to ensure you’re on track for your degree.
  • Review the list of program offerings for each of the CSU campuses.

  • Graduated high school in 2024 and
  • First-time first-year students that were not CSU eligible at the time of high school graduation or
  • First-time first-year students who did not attend a CSU due to personal or financial reasons
  • CSU redirect first-year students who opted not to enroll at a CSU campus

Students are able to view available TSP agreements by campus and enroll in a TSP agreement through the Transfer Planner.

Students are able to submit a TSP agreement during the enrollment period of August 1-September 30, 2024.

Students must meet the requirements of the agreement and transfer within three years to the CSU campus that was selected on the Transfer Planner.

TSP agreements are available for select academic programs. Determine which academic programs are accepting TSP agreements by reviewing the list in the Transfer Planner.

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