Starfish Early Alert Program

What is Starfish Early Alert?

Madera Community College’s Starfish Early Alert Program is designed to promote student success through communication between students, instructors, and counselors. This system allows students to receive feedback from their instructor(s) regarding their academic progress and to refer them to support services available to help them be successful in their coursework.

How Does Starfish Early Alert Work?

Starfish Early Alert allows an instructor to notify you when you are doing really well in a course or there is a concern about your academic progress or engagement based on course content and expectations.

You will be sent an email from your instructor through Starfish Early Alert to your SCCCD student email account regarding the flag, referral, and/or kudos submitted and comments made by your instructor.

What is a Flag?

A flag is meant to alert a student on their course progress so action can be taken. It is a proactive and purposeful request for support. A flag is NOT a punishment or an indication of failure. It is NOT included on student’s transcript or academic standing.

What is a Referral?

A referral allows instructors to connect students to additional support services that may be beneficial to the student.

What is a Kudo?

A kudo allows instructors to provide students with positive feedback. It offers the opportunity to celebrate a student’s great work, and acknowledge their improvement.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you receive an email notification about a concern, please contact your instructor as soon as possible to get recommendations on how to improve in the course. You may also meet with a counselor.

Starfish Early Alert Process

  1. A flag, kudo, and/or referral is made by an instructor
  2. A Starfish notification is received by the student and the Counseling Department
  3. A counselor contacts the student if there is a concern and a flag/referral has been submitted
  4. The counselor provides students with resources and support

IMPORTANT - Students will receive an email notification from Starfish, so it is critical that students check their SCCCD student email regularly so they don’t miss information.

For more information or assistance please contact:

Alejandra Martinez
Retention and Student Success Counselor
(559) 674-4800 x4715

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